Pickleball In Virginia Or Tennessee

Hello and welcome to P I V O T ... 

We're an avid group of picklers in the tri-city area who decided to be very intentional about organizing activities around pickleball to improve our game and share the joy with others.  Pickleball isn't just a game, it's an active community of people that are excited about getting exercise and enjoying the competition of play in a fun and friendly environment. 

  Vision Statement: Our vision is to spread the energizing spirit of pickleball by connecting people through a sport that is healthy, friendly and fun.

 Mission Statement: To promote the growth of the game of pickleball for all ages and abilities by cultivating a healthy, engaging and fun environment.   

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So don't be shy.  If you're looking for a great group of people to dink with, reach out and we'll get you connected.  And if you're new to Pickleball click on some links and see what fun awaits you.  

PIVOT 2024 Membership Drive is now open. Click Here to find out more about becoming a member and to complete an online application today!

No Professional Relationship Disclaimer:

 PIVOT has no professional relationship with any pickleball coach or instructor that provides pickleball instruction to any individual for a fee.

PIVOT will offer to post info from local Certified Coaches (see Improving Your Game) but does not recommend, sponsor, endorse or make any representation about the skills, qualifications or the quality of instruction by any paid instructor or coach. 

Any sport or exercise has the possibility of injury. So, any involvement in any instruction of that sport may expose you to that risk.

Any reliance you place on such instruction is therefore, strictly at your own risk.

For more about certified coaches in our area, you can go to pprpickleball.org and select " Find A Coach/Pro" or iptpa.com and select "certified member."