Ball Machine

How to reserve the ball machine

Although we'd love to have a drone that can pick-up, deliver and set-up the ball machine through an automated web-based app that works on your smart phone. And then when you're done it automatically picks up all the balls and then goes back home and re-charges for the next reservation ...  we don't have that. 

To reserve the ball machine, please first read, sign, and scan these 'Terms and Conditions' including a Liability Waiver to We also want you to watch this orientation video to become familiar with the machine before your session. After agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, PIVOT Members (only) may submit a request to rent the machine by completing this request form. Once the request form is submitted, we will make every effort to have someone contact you by 5 PM of the following business day. The current charge for the use of the machine is $10 per hour. This charge may be paid by check or cash to the Tutor Coordinator or other PIVOT Board Member. We also anticipate the machine will only be used on the property of the V. O. Dobbins Senior Center. When using the machine, please sign the check-out sheet kept by the machine so its whereabouts may be tracked at all times.